Monitoring and targeting

Energy monitoring and targeting techniques to help your organisation control and manage its energy use


The purpose of monitoring and targeting (M&T) is to relate your energy consumption data to the weather, production figures or other measures in such a way that you get a better understanding of how energy is being used. In particular, it will identify if there are signs of avoidable waste or other opportunities to reduce consumption.

Data collection may be manual, automated, or a mixture of the two. Once an M&T scheme has been set up, its routine operation should be neither time-consuming nor complex. An M&T scheme will provide essential underpinning for your energy management activities.

Monitoring and targeting guide

This 31-page guide presents monitoring and targeting from two perspectives. One is routine use (on a weekly cycle, for example). Routine M&T as explained here is quick and simple and requires no particular expertise on the part of the user.

The other perspective is target-setting and diagnosis, an aspect that will appeal to users who wish to analyse data in more depth. Although this aspect needs to be addressed when first setting up an M&T scheme, it then becomes optional once the system is up and running.

M&T is an extensive topic and this guide can only provide an introduction to the more complex analysis methods and tools that can be used. Expert consultants can advise on more detail on applying these techniques within your organisation.

Guide contents:

  • What is monitoring and targeting?
  • Reporting exceptions
  • Estimating expected consumption
    • Precedent-based forecasting
    • Activity-based targeting
    • Consumption driven by the weather
    • Consumption driven by production throughput
    • Alternatives to straight-line targets
  • Key charting techniques
    • Cusum analysis
    • Fixing a ‘tough but achievable’ target characteristic
    • Diagnosing adverse changes in performance
    • Persistent abnormal performance
  • Automatic meter reading
    • Tax incentives
    • Visualization
    • Assessing performance with fine-grained data
  • Implementing monitoring and targeting
    • Routine operation
    • Choosing M&T software
  • Next steps
  • Glossary
  • Appendix A - Constructing a false-colour contour plot
  • Appendix B - Performance indicators
  • Appendix C - Energy accountable centres
  • Further services from the Carbon Trust

Publication date March 2012; Publication code CTG077 (was CTG008)

Information in this report was correct at the time of publication

Download the Monitoring and targeting guide


Energy management: further support

The Carbon Trust can help your company take advantage of the business opportunities in energy management and energy efficiency.  Some of the services that can help your business include:

  • Practical and strategic expert advice on how to make the most of the opportunities in energy efficiency
  • Certification to the Carbon Trust Standard to achieve recognition for real reductions in greenhouse gas emissions

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